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CRAZY Apollo Plate
CRAZY Apollo Plates are Built Aussie TOUGH – and come in Great Colours!
The CRAZY Apollo plate is an exceptional design which utilizes the very best technologies that are available to create 'excellence' in its performance. The Apollo is designed and formed of an ultra lightweight rigid fiberglass based resin composite which provides a great looking plate which is unsurpased in strength to weight ratio. This ultra STRONG pre-professional plate features a machined aluminum toe stop insert (American SAE thread) formed directly and securely into the plate and utilizes an allen screw adjustable toe stop (not the typical jam nut found on most plates in this price range) and professional Delrin pivot pin inserts.

- ULTRA Lightweight unsurpassed in Strength to Weight ratio
- Machined Aluminum Toe Stop insert utilizing an Allen Screw Adjustable Toe Stop
- Professional Delrin Pivot Pin Inserts
- Pro Aluminum Cusion Retainers
- 20 degree action – Best balance of both worlds between quick 10 degree and agressive 45 degree
- Stainless Steel King Pin made specifically to be a King pin (not just a standard bolt) that utilizes a special Locking Nut to secure it to the Plate and increase the Strength to stand up to the most rigorous usage
- Aluminum Truck imbedded with a highly precision 8mm Axle and a hardened steel Pivot Pin
- Comes complete with one (1) set of Highly Reactive, Fast Snap-Back, Black Rubber Cushions or upgrade to High Rebound Urethane Cushions
- EXTRAS Include: Arrow Toestops, Power Wedges, Skate Tools, Mounting Hardware, wheel nuts
- (all Threads are American or SAE, Not Metric)

*Manufacturer's Recommended Plate Sizes:
Plate Size Fits Boot Sizes*
(based on Euro size - see conversion below) WheelBase mm
(Centre Axle to Axle) WheelBase inches
(Centre Axle to Axle)
205mm 32-33-34 110mm 4.3"
225mm 35-35-37 130mm 5.1"
245mm 38-39-40 150mm 5.9"
265mm 41-42-43 172mm 6.7"
285mm 44-45-46-47 190mm 7.5"